Gabe Kirchheimer
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New York, NY 10040

Photographer, Writer, Editor


Photo Publications - Magazines and newspapers:

FHM (FR) 2/12: "Burning Man Festival" (8 images and feature story)
S7 (RU) 8/11: "Burning Man" (13 images)
VERSION FEMINA (FR) 8/11: "Burning Man," Bicycling on the Moon (1)
CA M'INTERESSE (FR) 7/11: "Le Desert Flamboyant," Burning Man (8)
FHM (NOR) 8/10: "Pyro," Burning Man, 2-page spread, full page (5)
TOUR DE MONDE (KOR) 7/10: "Burning Man" (2)
MINDFOOD (AU) 7/10: "All Fired Up," Burning Man (22)
THE PEAK (Singapore) 2/10: "Burning Art in the Desert," 2-page spread (5)
ARCHITEKTURA & BIZNES (POL) 1/10: "Black Rock City," aerial photograph of Burning Man, 2-page spread (1)v NEW YORK TIMES 12/28/09: "The Ethics of Eating Plants," published letter
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 1/10: "New York Then and Now," published letter
VIEW (GER) 8/09: "Burning Man: The New Woodstock," cover plus 5 interior images
METRO NEW YORK July 18-20 2008: "Pedestrian Artist Walks in Williamsburg," performance art (3)
SIERRA (Sierra Club magazine) July/August 2008: "Burning Man" (8)
ELDR Summer 2008: "Exercise Class," exercises for seniors, full page (6)
ELDR Spring 2008: "Twilight Wedding," seniors marry at older ages, full page (2)
NEW YORK TIMES 4/27/08: "Are Too Many Americans in Prison?", published letter
MARIE CLAIRE (Italian and Indian editions) 4/07: "Aerial 1," aerial of Burning Man, 2-page spread (1)
PLAISIRS DE VIVRE (CAN) 4/07: "Gabe Kirchheimer: Burning Man," 11-page retrospective photo essay (30)
QUEST (NL) 3/07: "Optical Illusions," architectural illusions (2)
ADAC REISEMAGAZIN (GER) 2/07: "Burning Man
RAW VISION (UK) Fall/Winter 2006: "Burning Man," full page (1)
SAN FRANCISCO ART INSTITUTE Winter 2005: "David Best's Burning Temples" (1)
ROLLING STONE 9/22/05: "White Madness," Burning Man (1)
NEW YORK TIMES 12/12/04: "Tea With Ken," Burning Man tea ceremony, back page of Arts & Leisure section review of GK photo show at Greene Street Gallery, SoHo, NYC (1)v 34 12/04: "Burning Man," 2-page spread (8)
HIGHLIFE (British Airways inflight magazine) 9/04: "Burning Man" (1)
SOLANO 7-8/04: "Burning Man," full page, 2 half pages (4)
NEW YORK TIMES 6/29/04: "Cheney's Choice of Words," published letter
CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR 4/28/04: "Parents Work to Loosen Marketers' Influence on Kids," toy protest (1)
NEW YORK TIMES 3/20/04: "One Year in Iraq," lead letter published on war anniversary
BURST (JAP) 12/03: "Burning Man," photo essay (22)
ARTFORUM 11/03: "The Art and Culture of Burning Man," full-page opener and 9 additional images
LEONARDO JOURNAL (MIT Press) Fall 2003: "The Art of Burning Man," front and back covers, 5 interior photographs (7)
NEW YORK TIMES 8/15/03: Blackout in New York City, half page (1)
POPULAR MECHANICS 10/03/03: Blackout in New York City (1)
NEW YORK TIMES 3/13/03: "Unproven 9-11 Link," published letter
DESIGN (KR) Fall 2002: "Ethnic Markets of New York," 17 pages of photographs from around NYC (21)
DESIGN (KR) Summer 2002: "Burning Man," two 2-page spreads, 2 full pages and photographer profile (5)
SEVEN (UK) 6/02: Burning Man aerial photograph, 2-page spread (1)
STERN (GER) 5/16/02: "Traumatized Children," "Youngest Witnesses" preschoolers who witnessed 9-11 (2)
WIRED 12/01: "Las Vegas Security," Casino interior (1)
ANCI (IT) 10/01: "Diary of the American Tragedy," World Trade Center disaster and aftermath (4)
IL MESSAGGERO (IT) 9/14/01: World Trade Center disaster and aftermath (2); 9/18/01 (1)
MSNBC REPORTS 9/03/01: "A Different Drummer," Burning Man 2001 (1)
MAXIM 5/01: "Amsterdam" (1)
ROLLING STONE 11/6/00: "Burning Man 2000" (4 images; 18 on website)
PANORAMA (IT) 11/3/00: Amsterdam, 2-page spread (1)
LONDON TIMES 8/26/00: "Burning Man 2000" (2)
NEW YORK TIMES 7/17/00: "Young, Black, in Prison," published letter (1)
BILD AM ZONTAG (GER) 7/9/00: "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire," book release (3)
DIE ZEIT (GER) 7/6/00: "Princeton's PEAR Lab," parapsychology experiments (2)
COLORS (IT, FR, GER, SP, CRO): "Prayer 2000," World Unity Festival (1)
LE MONDE (FR) 1/20/00: "Las Vegas," Venetian and Paris Hotels (3)
NEW YORK TIMES 9/8/99: "Yawning as the Earth Warms," published letter
IL VENERDI DI REPUBBLICA (IT) 4/9/99: "Buffalo Mozzarella"; 4/23/99: "Lunch Date NYC," "Y2K Expo"; 4/30/99: "Walkman 20th Anniversary" (6)
NEWSWEEK 3/22/99: Medical marijuana (1)
NEW YORK POST 3/18/99: "Feds Go to Pot," medical marijuana, front page (1)
MAX (POL) 3/99: "Burning Man," 8-page feature (18)
IL VENERDI DI REPUBBLICA (IT) 2/19/99: "Las Vegas," city-theme hotels, 11-page feature (20)
LE MONDE (FR) 2/17/99: "Las Vegas," Paris-Las Vegas and other hotels (3)
DOMUS (IT) 1/99: "Burning Man," art festival in Black Rock Desert, Nevada (9)
NEW YORK TIMES 6/21/98: "Pedestrian Project," NYC performance artists (1)
HONG KONG SUNDAY MORNING POST (CH) 4/98: "Mini-Manhattan," Las Vegas's NY-NY Hotel & Casino (1) + text
GULLIVER (IT) 4/98: "Erotic New York" (5)
NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE 2/19/95: "How Pot Has Grown," article by Michael Pollan, 2-page spread (1)

Television coverage:

CBS NEWS 9/9/11: "The Youngest Witnesses," children traumatized by 9-11
ABC GOOD MORNING AMERICA 9/11/09: "The Youngest Witnesses," children traumatized by 9-11
NY1 NEWS 9/11/06: "The Youngest Witnesses," children traumatized by 9-11


MIASTO (POL) (RAM, 2011): World architecture, Black Rock City from the air (1 image)
THE TRIBES OF BURNING MAN (CCC Publishing, 2/11): Burning Man (5 images)
ON THE EDGE OF UTOPIA (Seagull/University of Chicago Press, 6/10): Burning Man (6 images)
BURNING BOOK (Simon & Schuster, 7/07) Burning Man (7 images)
DESERT AMERICA: TERRITORY OF PARADOX (SP) (Actar Press, 4/07): Black Rock City (3 full pages)
SPECTACLE (Phaidon Press, 11/06): Burning Man (3 spreads)
FOREVER AFTER: NYC TEACHERS ON 9-11 (Teachers College Press, 9/06): "The Youngest Witnesses," award-winning book chapter about preschoolers who witnessed 9-11 (3 images)
PLANET PARTY (UK) (Pocket/Simon & Schuster UK, 7/04): "Burning Man" (1 image)
EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS WRONG (Disinfo, 5/02): Authored 7,000-word book chapter, "The Perfect Pathogen," on Mad Cow disease in the USA
THE FIRST RAINBOW CATALOG (GER) (Rainbow Project, 4/99): Rainbow Gathering (10 images)

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